Alan Barr


With 25 years experience in the design, fabrication and production of AutoCAD stone shop drawings for custom architectural stone projects including dimensional stone, architectural precast, GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) and ornamental copper, Alan Barr founded Stone Details to provide contractors and manufacturers with drafting and consulting services for the documentation and fabrication of custom architectural products for new building construction and historic building facade restoration. Mr. Barr is a recognized expert in the detailed measurement of existing structures using electronic 3D data capture and traditional methods and the design of new facades taking into account existing conditions. As a former manufacturer, he understands production detailing, fabrication design and an organized approach to shop ticketing. Having worked with hundreds of contractors, he is keenly aware of job site concerns and the needs of the installer.

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We work with our clients in a variety of manners depending on what suits your requirements and your budget.  Our typical pricing plans:

  • Bulk hours packages:  Contract with Stone Details for a bulk hour purchase of drafting services on an annual basis.  This is the most cost effective hourly rate we offer.  We become your in-house drafting team.
  • Project based services:  We price services based on your project requirements.  We look at several factors in our pricing models including overall square footage of the project, complexity of the project, quality of the architectural drawings & clarity of the scope.  We weight these factors to arrive at a final cost proposal.
  • Hourly services:  Some projects necessitate an hourly approach with a project budget maximum.  In these cases we work hourly and only bill for work completed.  This gives you the assurance of what the maximum would be, but we only charge for the work we’ve done.


Outsourcing drafting services is cost effective for several reasons:

  • You have an in-house drafting department on day 1
  • No mistakes or delays!  We meet our schedules and our drawings are prepared by experienced stone drafters
  • No overhead of managing individual drafters
  • No training, payroll taxes or benefits or vacations to pay for
  • Targeted service…when the job is done, you have no further cost

New York Times Article on Outsourcing


For Owners:
As an expert in natural and alternative materials, Stone Details provides ownership with advisory & consulting services to protect you throughout the selection & procurement process.  Time is of the essence in construction, and early involvement in the complex process of material selection, landmarks approval and definition of scope of work will drive the project forward in the most timely manner to meet budget and schedule.  By providing shop drawings, shop tickets and installation drawings early in the process, Stone Details is your resource for project management and coordination of the entire material fabrication and delivery process.

For Architects & Engineers:
On facade restoration projects, early determination of scope of work allows the design team to accurately project budgets and schedules for clients.  Stone Details provides consulting services to professionals both in the office and on the scaffold.  When your design drawings and specifications reflect an accurate scope of work, show proper attachment methods, reflect accurate dimensions and detailing, the pricing and schedule you receive from contractors will be as accurate as possible.  This minimizes RFI’s and change orders, and drives the project forward in the most efficient manner.

For Contractors & Manufacturers:
Stone Details is your resource for providing AutoCAD shop drawings with field verified dimensions. An accurate set of shop drawings is the foundation for the preparation of shop tickets for the manufacturing of custom building products.  Stone Details is your eyes and ears on the jobsite, gathering relevant dimensions and conditions, reflecting that information on the drawings which assures that what is produced for the job fits right the first time!