Shop Drawings

31 East 74th Street (Shop Drawing)31 East 74th Street (Shop Drawing)

Shop Drawings & Setting Drawings are prepared for architectural review and for customer use during installation. Shop Drawings are based on architectural intent combined with field verified dimensions and conditions, if required. We consult with you in terms of detail preparation, joint arrangement, piece size and piece detailing so as to assure that pieces are ‘build-able’ can be handled and installed in a manner agreeable to both fabricator and installer.


Setting Drawings

Bridgeport Police Memorial (Setting Drawing)Bridgeport Police Memorial (Setting Drawing)

Once Shop Drawings are approved, we prepare a set of Setting Drawings which indicate the mark number and location of all fabricated stone. Details are prepared so as to assure field personnel have the information they need to install each piece correctly. Lists can be prepared summarizing all pieces on the job by mark number or location as a tool to help manage production and installation.